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Sea Trout Fishing is becoming more and more popular with trout anglers. The information found within this web site is to help those who are thinking of taking up this absorbing sport. As well as to give the more experienced sea trout angler a source of information they can use for themselves or to guide others they may be introducing to the sport.

The web site contains articles, help with tackle choice, and most importantly articles on tactics - if you are clued up then your chances of making a successful catch are improved. Sea trout are known as a very enigmatic fish. With the tactics provided within this website it gives you the best chances of catching one of these fish.

The site has details of the fly fishing instruction that is provided by David Luckhurst. The flies contained within the fly tying movies section are ones that have proven themselves to be very successful over the past seasons.

Please enjoy your sea trout fishing and ensure you are safe, suitably tackled up and ready for a night of what can be amongst the most exciting of sports.


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